The Australian Shepherd, devoted dog, great playmate

  The Australian Shepherd, devoted dog, great playmate

The Australian Shepherd is a dog very devoted to his master. Known for his intelligence, he has a great capacity for concentration and assimilation which makes him an ideal partner for sports and games. If you are ready to devote your time and attention without moderation if you are looking for a companion for your outdoor activities, why not fall for an "Aussie"? But be careful not to underestimate the education and daily demands that such an energetic dog requires!

  • Size: 50 to 60 cm for the male, 45 to 55 for the female.
  • Weight: 20 to 35 kg.
  • Coat: medium length, slightly wavy, resistant.
  • Color: many colors possible, with or without spots.
  • Life expectancy: 12 to 16 years.
  • Gestation period: 58 to 68 days.

Description and characteristics of the Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is of medium height, with a balanced physique and "all in proportions" as required by the breed standard! Their coat is medium in length and the undercoat is profuse. He can wear many dresses, two-tone or three-color: merle, blue merle, black, fawn, black and white reminiscent of the colors of the border collie. The plastron is white and the fur is thick and silky. Perhaps the most striking characteristic of the breed is the existence of heterochromia (walleyes) in some individuals. Its ears are medium in proportion and triangular in shape, drooping and set high on the head. Its light musculature and its robust constitution contribute to its harmonious appearance.

Origins of the Australian Shepherd

Despite the name, the breed originated and was fully developed in the United States. These were working dogs, selected for their learning abilities and versatility, especially for keeping and herding livestock on farms and ranches, often used in the horse industry. It is also through this that the breed became popular: the fashion of western riding made it a very popular breed for equestrian activities (horse-shows, rodeos) and, by extension, for all outdoor disciplines (hiking). The Australian Shepherd Club of America, founded in 1957, helped shape breed standards, followed by other associations of passionate owners. In 2007,Australian Shepherd ("Aussie").

Character and behavior of the Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is a very cunning, adaptable, and energetic dog. The breed was selected for its very particular faculties: capable of thinking and making decisions, it shows great intelligence, and has a heightened awareness of injustice. To be happy, he needs an active and at the same time regular lifestyle. Very protective, he can be suspicious of strangers, so care must be taken to socialize him from an early age, including with other dogs. The Australian Shepherd has many qualities, which beg to be developed through play, learning, and physical and mental stimulation. He loves to learn tricks and participate in various tasks.

How to take care of your Australian Shepherd?

Before adopting an Australian Shepherd, you must be ready to provide him with a range of physical activities - agility dog, frisbee, obedience ... and to assign him tasks that will make him feel useful in the house and in the workplace. garden. A long daily walk (at least one hour), and regular sessions of jogging or various training (obedience exercises, "tricks") are necessary for his psychological balance. On the maintenance side, a healthy and balanced diet, and regular brushing are to be respected for his general well-being. Regular outings are essential to wear down your claws naturally. On the education side, we will not hesitate to seek advice and guidance, for example by registering for an agility or obedience club; at the rate of one session per week,

The Australian Shepherd, devoted dog, great playmate

Feed your Australian Shepherd well

It is essential to provide the Australian Shepherd with good quality food, adapted to his physical activity, his age, and his state of health. It will take about 300 g of kibble per day and favor a high-end product (veterinary). Your Aussie might not be a heavy eater if such products are used as part of a proper diet. It is also important to give him something to do with his teeth: blackjack, treats provided for this purpose, and that he has permanent access to freshwater as often as necessary. There are automatic fountains on the market that provide fresh, filtered water, ensuring healthy hydration throughout the day.

The Australian Shepherd, devoted dog, great playmate

The health of the Australian Shepherd

Brushing is recommended once a week, which is basic maintenance as we recommend for any breed of dog. This brushing has the advantage of removing dead hair, which allows its skin to breathe and will also prevent you from finding it on all your clothes! The Australian Shepherd does not need to be washed frequently, on the contrary, his skin and his fur should bathe him only if it is really necessary.

Careful attention will be paid to the condition of his ears: remember to watch out for any ears that could get stuck there, especially when returning from a walk and could irritate them. Finally, it will be necessary to deworm it three times a year and keep its vaccinations up to date each year. Warning: never use an ivermectin-based dewormer, it is a violent poison to which the breed is very sensitive.

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