The Norwegian Buhund, a very old Norwegian breed

  The Norwegian Buhund, a very old Norwegian breed

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The Norwegian Buhund is a medium-sized Spitz-type dog. A very old breed originally from Norway, this dog is rare outside this region. They are excellent watchdogs and pleasant companion animals.

  • Size: 41 cm to 47 cm
  • Weight: 12 kg to 18 kg
  • Coat: short to mid-length
  • Color: black or wheat
  • Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years
  • Gestation period: 63 days

Description and characteristics of the Norwegian Buhund Dog

The Norwegian Buhund is not a very large dog. His body fits into a like-all Spitz, a category of which he is a part. It is recognized in particular by its tail which it wears rolled upon its back, but also by its beautiful fur which can be wheat-colored, that is to say, beige to yellow, or black. Her coat is in fact made up of a thick, well-supplied top coat that is a little harsh to the touch and smooth, and an undercoat that is as thick but soft. His hair is short on his head and the inside of his limbs, but a little longer on his thighs and tail.

The Norwegian Buhund has a lively expression thanks to its very dark oval-shaped eyes and its pointy ears carried straight and erect on its head. The latter is cone-shaped with a not too pronounced stop and a black nose.

Origin of the Norwegian Buhund Dog

The Norwegian Buhund is a very old breed native to Scandinavia, and more specifically Norway as the name suggests. We find its traces in the 10th century in this region of the world. This dog has always been used as a guard dog for cattle, but also for monitoring farms. Due to his courage and excellent flair, he was also used to hunting bears and wolves.

While the Norwegian Buhund was officially recognized as a breed in 1968, it is not widely distributed outside its country of origin.

Character and behavior of the Norwegian Buhund Dog - Who is it for?

The Norwegian Buhund is a shepherd dog, therefore very appreciated for its qualities as a guard dog. This is a dog that shows energy and courage. He also has the particularity of possessing an excellent flair.

As a pet, he is affectionate. His character is quite independent but the Norwegian Buhund is nonetheless cheerful and very friendly within his family. He is docile and easygoing. That’s why his upbringing isn’t complicated.

The Norwegian Buhund particularly appreciates the presence of children. On the other hand, he doesn't like being alone for too long. He, therefore, needs a master who is present and available.

How to take care of your Norwegian Buhund Dog: his needs

As a sheepdog, the Norwegian Buhund needs to exercise and is happiest when there is space available. However, he adapts well to city life, provided of course that his owner can offer him long, active walks regularly.

On the maintenance side, the Norwegian Buhund should be brushed regularly, especially during its molting periods in spring and autumn.

The diet of the Norwegian Buhund Dog

The Norwegian Buhund does not require a specific diet. It must be of good quality and above all adapted to his age, state of health, and physical exercise. Be careful, however: it is important to watch your rations because they are a dog that tends to be overweight.

The health of the Norwegian Buhund Dog

The Norwegian Buhund is a hardy dog that doesn't experience many health issues. However, he can be prone to some hereditary diseases that affect his eyes.

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