Dog to give away: what precautions? Our advice!

  Dog to give away: what precautions?

Our advice!

Dog to give away: what precautions? Our advice!

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Life sometimes leads to having to part with your pet, whether for health problems, lack of time, in anticipation of a move, or for any other reason. If your dog had a litter, it is also necessary to find future masters for the little ones...
Whatever the situation, several solutions exist to give away your dog, but certain rules and obligations must be respected. Here's how to sell your pet legally

Where, how, to whom to give your dog?

To give puppies or even an adult dog, the most desirable scenario remains the donation to an individual. This can be done through classified ads, word of mouth, between neighbors... Be careful though, beware of adoption that seems too hasty on the part of the buyer!

If you do not have time to check the future living conditions of your animal in its new family, it is better to entrust it to an association that will act as an intermediary between yourself and potential adopters and will be responsible for supervising meetings and transfer formalities in good and due form. Finally, the last option, sometimes simpler but unfortunately more heartbreaking and destabilizing for your dog, is to give it to a shelter that will take care of it until a future adoption.

Give up your dog to an individual

Once the decision has been made to give away your dog, start by talking about it around you to make your contacts play as a priority. Indeed, giving up your animal to acquaintances, family, friends of friends, neighbors, will allow you to have visibility on its new life in its new home. Do not hesitate to survey interested people, request a meeting, ask all your questions about their motivations for adopting a dog.

Ask to visit his future home and check that all the conditions are there for a good existence, as well as compatibility with the members of the household and any animals already present. If you do not find adopters in your surroundings, you can post classified ads in local shops and on the internet (ads between individuals, forums, and animal sites). Indicate the reasons for which you are separating from the animal and insist on your requirements: meeting beforehand, visitation rights, etc.

Giving your dog away: shelter or association?

There are many associations throughout France, which make it possible to offer a smooth transition thanks to volunteer foster families who will keep your dog and treat it as if it were their own while waiting to find a buyer for it. final. Most of these institutions will ask you to sign an assignment contract with them, a necessary formality that should not be overlooked: if this is not the case, insist on establishing one, or look for another association offering this guarantee.

Start by surveying the associations near you (departmental or regional level) because contacts with officials and volunteer families will be easier. The last solution, that of sending your dog to a shelter, should be considered as a last resort since they are overloaded because of the large number of abandoned animals. These shelters receive by appointment and will inform you about the documents to provide and the procedure to follow.

What are the costs incurred to give away your dog?

Associations and animal shelters always require a financial contribution to be able to entrust your animal to them. These costs can range from a few tens of euros to more than a hundred depending on the establishment. The dog must imperatively have an identification card and a health book proving that his vaccines are up to date; if this is not the case, the costs payable by you will be heavier because the refuge or the association will have to take care of it, which involves veterinary costs such as the installation of the electronic chip, the establishment of papers, the declaration to Icad (domestic animal identification register), vaccination and sterilization costs. Indeed, any shelter or association is required to regularize the legal situation of the animals before placing them.

Legal obligations and documents to provide

First of all, identification is absolutely mandatory to be able to donate an animal. On this subject, the law stipulates that any dog ​​must be identified by electronic chip or tattoo, allowing its identification in the National File and proven by the presence of the identification card. This paper certifies ownership of the animal and must be signed and sent to Icad by the new owner. You must also provide the new master with the animal's health record or, failing that, a veterinary certificate of "good health".

Even if vaccination is not obligatory, it remains strongly recommended to avoid bad consequences following the transfer of the animal, if the latter were to fall ill. Finally, be aware that an animal cannot be given or sold before the age of 8 weeks and that it is essential to sign with the adopter a certificate of transfer, which must contain the names and addresses of the two parties, the information of the animal (breed, sex, date of birth, transponder number, pedigree if applicable...) and the list of documents given to the new owner.

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