Heat in cats: explanations

 Heat in cats: explanations

Heat in cats: explanations

The whole cat has its heat every two to three weeks on average, at which time it is fertile for about a week. We then observe a change in her behavior. How does the reproductive cycle work in cats and what are the signs of heat?

The reproductive cycle in the cat

Heat is when the female is ready to mate. They appear for the first time at puberty, around the age of 6 months. They can last 7 to 10 days and repeat themselves at intervals of 15 days if mating has not taken place. Unlike the female dog, the cat can have her heat several times in the same reproductive cycle, until she has been impregnated by a male.

Various factors intervene in the sexual rhythm of the cat and can influence their frequency, duration, and their intensity: age, weight, race... The duration of sunshine plays a crucial role since the cat has a seasonal polyestrous, it that is to say that it goes into heat several times from January to October, and an anestrus (absence of heat) from October to January. On average, there is a breeding season in spring and another in summer, but domestic cats can also have heats in winter, which are generally rarer and shorter.

Signs of heat in cats

During the heat, the cat may be more affectionate, clingy, and will tend to rub more than usual with humans and objects. She is more active or even excited and can mark urine. It produces hoarse and repeated meows resembling complaints aimed at attracting males for mating.

These calls can occur day and night, with or without periods of interruption of varying duration. She may lick her genitals, wait in front of doors, meowing insistently, or try to run away at the slightest opportunity. Some cats adopt a characteristic mating posture, with their croup raised and their tail to the side, with a rocking motion on their hind legs.

How to prevent and calm the heat?

The only way to effectively and permanently prevent heat is sterilization. If one day you want to mate your cat, there is a contraceptive pill to avoid heat in a non-permanent way. Some methods can help calm the heat of some cats: we can offer her a moistened and microwaved towel or an electric blanket to lie on.

Catnip and certain herbal remedies also have the effect of calming the "ardor" of the cat. You can also use a soothing pheromone diffuser. Play with her or brush her, it can be a good distraction and give her the affection she needs. Finally, maintain impeccable hygiene in his litter to encourage him to use it and thus limit urine marking.

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