How to welcome a puppy at home? Our advice!

How to welcome a puppy at home? Our advice!

The arrival of a puppy in the house is always a great moment of excitement for the whole family. All the conditions must be met for the D-Day to pass as smoothly as possible because the puppy's first contact with his owners and his new home is not a trivial moment.

So be sure to "calm the heat" of household members - especially children! - to offer your little one a peaceful and reassuring welcome, to secure his environment, and to prepare all his things in advance: bowls, basket, toys ... Here are some tips for a first day and first-night success, guaranteeing a smooth integration into his new home.

Prepare for the puppy's arrival

This moment is an important stage that will determine the quality and the adaptation time of the puppy to his new life. It will be necessary to find the right balance of affection and joy, without overwhelming it with information or behavior likely to trigger stress in the young animal, which will inevitably be confused on its arrival ...

Beforehand, make sure to prepare a small corner for your puppy, where he can lie down but also observe the life of the house. Avoid inviting friends or family other than the small family nucleus, so as not to intimidate him. Speak with your children so that they will spare them their sudden movements and screams of surprise or any excessive attitudes.

If you can, put in the basket a blanket known to the dog or that he can appropriate from the first day. A little further on, put at his disposal a large bowl of freshwater where you will feed him. Finally, remember to secure the house: hide electrical cables so that he does not bite them, and remove cleaning products, gardening, and plants that may be within reach.

If you have a floor, you can install a barrier so that he does not rush up the stairs and thus keep an eye on him! The puppy does not need to discover the whole house right away.

Equipment and accessories to provide for the reception of the puppy

The choice of the basket is the first essential step before welcoming your small dog. Be sure to choose a model adapted to its size, but also, by anticipating its adult size if you do not want to change it three times! Make a cross on the wicker baskets that risk skinning, and prefer a synthetic material, easy to wash. Choose a model with high enough edges so that your puppy feels safe and, to make it suitable for its small size, install cushions or an additional blanket to stuff it.

The purchase of a suitable bowl is also essential, do not feed your puppy in flat dishes. You can use a plastic bowl in a pinch, but these have the disadvantage of being light and the dog may walk it around the house and chew on it! Choose stainless steel or unbreakable ceramic model, and choose it narrow enough if your puppy has large ears so that they do not soak in them.

Of course, use a second bowl to feed the water, if possible with a non-slip bottom so that it doesn't slide on the floor and is heavy enough not to be knocked over. Also, acquire one or two toys to chew on so that the young dog can brush his teeth: they must be objects adapted and designed for this purpose, do not give him anything to gnaw on!

Finally, even if you won't be able to take it out right away, plan on an adjustable nylon collar. In this way, you can already get him used to wearing his collar at home, not necessarily all the time.

The installation of the puppy

So that the arrival is smooth, remember to choose a period when you will be sufficiently present at home: weekend, vacation ... Indeed, the puppy will already be distressed by the separation from his mother and his. siblings, and being alone or almost alone in an unfamiliar place would not be reassuring for him. You must be available to give them the attention they need.

After preparing your things, create a calm and serene atmosphere in the house, without confusing noise (electrical appliances, loud music ...) or excitement. Place a chew toy in the basket to occupy and de-stress him, and put your shoes away!

Once everything is ready, you can bring the puppy into the house: let him discover his new environment at his own pace, and show him his basket and toys. Have the family members come one by one so that they greet him gently by presenting the back of their hand, let him sniff without insisting if he is intimidated. Then, it is crucial to give him some quiet time, do not hesitate to show that you are present but not constantly and not everyone at the same time!

The puppy's first night

The puppy will likely cry during the first few nights unless you have placed his basket in your room, which is however not recommended as he will get used to it and will not understand that you change his place by the following. We will therefore have to hold on, even if that is annoying and can hurt.

Be firm on this point and try not to go see him, otherwise, he may be relying on you reappearing when he starts to cry. He'll likely wake up several times and start moaning again, but eventually, get bored if you don't react.

Little by little, he will get used to it and things will get better. When he has been wise, do not forget to congratulate him warmly in the morning, moreover, if he has been crying all night, ignore him for a few minutes. There is no need to scold him, he just has to figure out for himself the right attitude to have. You can then move on to initial learning and first aid!

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