How to take the train with your cat?

 How to take the train with your cat?

How to take the train with your cat?

Do you have to travel by train with your cat? Know that it is necessary to have a ticket for your little companion and that certain rules are imposed by the SNCF, in particular concerning the dimensions of the transport box. Here you will find the practical information you need to know to move around with your pet with complete peace of mind and advice for it to travel comfortably.

Book a train ticket for your cat

It is quite possible to book a ticket for your pet at the same time as yours, online on the SNCF website or at the ticket office. On the Internet, the reservation for animals is only made under the heading "more criteria" available when searching for your trip.

Once indicated the number of animals traveling with you, select "small animal in a container" to reserve for your cat. The "Small Pets" rate, at a single price of €7, is then automatically applied and you can make a global payment for the 2 tickets. It will be the same at the ticket office or in the SNCF shop. As with all train tickets, your cat's ticket can be exchanged free of charge up to the day before departure. In addition, be aware that the transport of small animals is free on trips made by the OUIGO company!

Conditions for traveling with a cat

During the trip, your little feline must be enclosed in a bag or a transport box not exceeding the following dimensions: 45 x 30 x 25 cm. You are required to keep your pet with you, so it cannot be left in the baggage compartments. Be sure to label the crate with your contact information, as well as the cat's name and ID number.

For more security, it is also advisable to indicate your destination address. When boarding the train, make sure that the traveler seated next to you is not bothered by the presence of your cat, otherwise, you will have to exchange your seat with another traveler, explaining the situation. Indeed, it is stipulated that animals are allowed provided you have the agreement of other users and that your little companion must not bother travelers, so it is strongly recommended to keep him inside his checkout throughout the journey.

Finally, note that certain obligations are to be taken into account for traveling in the European Union with your animal and you must be able to present to the controller his passport and his health record justifying an up-to-date anti-rabies vaccine. Finally, any animal taking the train outside the borders must wear an electronic chip, otherwise, it could be refused to board.

Tips for your cat's comfort

It is well known that cats are not adept at traveling... Fortunately, there are tricks to make travel more pleasant for them. In addition, if your whiskered companion is stressed, he is likely to meow a good part of the way and annoy your neighbors.

For a particularly distressed cat, your veterinarian will be able to prescribe a calming medication (such as Zylkene) or a specific anti-stress for motion sickness. You can also spray Feliway inside the crate and place a piece of clothing with your scent on it to reassure him. And even if your cat is not stressed, remember to install a towel at the bottom of the cage in case of accidental peeing.

To avoid any further "spillovers" due to stress, have your pet travel with as empty a stomach as possible, removing their food the night before. Finally, you can place a toy (or plaid, stuffed animal, etc.) known to your cat in the crate. This simple trick will de-stress him by giving him olfactory cues that remind him of home. You can also use a sock filled with catnip for its soothing properties.

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