The Boxer, a sociable and energetic dog

The Boxer, a sociable and energetic dog 

The Boxer, a sociable and energetic dog

The Boxer is a not very tall molossoid with a slender body and very developed musculature. He is one of the best defense dogs but this characteristic does not prevent him from being very sociable. Very attached to his master and especially to the children of the family if there are any, he is the perfect pet.
  • Size:                     53 cm to 63 cm
  • Weight:                24 kg to 38 kg
  • Hair:                    short
  • Color:                  fawn or brindle
  • Life expectancy: 10 years
  • Gestation period: 63 days

Description and characteristics of the Boxer

The Boxer is a medium-sized dog with a muscular and harmonious body. Its head, cubic in shape, is recognizable thanks to its wide and powerful muzzle and especially its lower jaw is slightly more advanced than the upper one. The Boxer's coat is short, harsh, and shiny, usually yellow/fawn in color, but also brindle. Some dogs have a white patch from head to chest. The Boxer's ears have the particularity of falling along with his head in a kind of fold.

Origin of the Boxer

The Boxer is the result of a genetic cross between several species: the English Bulldog and the Bullenbeisser. Originally from Germany, the Boxer arrived in France at the beginning of the 20th century. It was initially used as a fighting dog facing a bull, a practice now prohibited, or forbear hunting.

The Boxer, a sociable and energetic dog

Character and behavior of the Boxer – Who is it for?

The Boxer is above all a defense dog. Certainly the one with the best character among these types of dogs. The Boxer particularly appreciates the children he watches over as if they were his own. In general, it is a dog that is gentle, intelligent, unless you attack his master or his property. It is important to educate the Boxer from an early age so that its dominating defense dog characteristics do not take over. The Boxer is also a very playful dog full of energy, especially the males. He needs physical exercise and letting off steam every day for long periods. It is, therefore, suitable for very athletic masters who have time to devote to it.

How to take care of your Boxer: his needs

The Boxer is more of a dog that lives in a garden. But it is inside the house, with his masters, that he prefers to be. If the Boxer lives outside, you have to be very careful during periods of hot weather. It is indeed a dog very sensitive to high temperatures. It is essential to provide him with a place in the shade. The Boxer does not require any special maintenance, especially since it sheds little hair. Regular brushing and washing are enough. Only the slime it can leave behind requires a bit of upkeep.

The Boxer, a sociable and energetic dog

The Boxer's diet

The Boxer's diet is essentially based on meat. Whether it is fed with kibble or homemade food, it should be given a meal twice a day, in the morning and at the very beginning of the evening. Like all dogs, the Boxer's foot must be adapted to its age, living conditions, level of exercise, etc.

Boxer health

Despite its robust appearance, the Boxer has fragile health. Like most medium to large dogs, he is prone to joint problems, hip problems, and stomach upsets. Because of its flat muzzle, the Boxer can be prone to respiratory problems, especially in very hot weather.

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