The Golden Retriever, a golden dog!

 The Golden Retriever, a golden dog!

The Golden Retriever, a golden dog!

The Golden Retriever, by its nickname Goldie, is renowned for its kindness, docility, and intelligence. Family dog ​​par excellence, but also working (guide dog for the blind, rescue...), its reputation is second to none.

Endowed with an exceptional, sociable character, he is gentle with children and likes to invest himself in the life of his masters. So if you have tenderness to offer and time to devote to him, he will return it to you with daily devotion. He will undoubtedly be the most faithful protector of your home, the confidant of your children... A full-fledged member of the family that you will no longer be able to do without!
  • Height:                 50 to 60 cm
  • Weight:                30kg
  • Hair:                    medium-long, thick, wavy
  • Colour:                shades of beige to cream
  • Life expectancy: 12 years
  • Gestation period: 62 to 64 days

Description and characteristics of the Golden Retriever

The Goldie has a powerful and balanced physique; the head, well proportioned, has a broad muzzle and drooping ears of medium size. The eyes are hazel in color and set wide apart, giving it a frank and kind look. The tail, carried at the height of the back, is of medium length and never curved. The hair is thick and wavy, mid-length, with a thick undercoat making the fur waterproof. The color is beige to cream or coffee with milk. The tips of the paws are round the claws of light color. The truffle is black and shiny. In fact, the Golden looks a lot like its cousin the Labrador, with longer fur; but unlike the latter, the colors white, black, chocolate and mahogany are not allowed.

History of the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever breed originates from Great Britain. Traditional legends tell its story, but in truth little is known of its exact origins. The Goldie would descend from a line of light-haired Caucasian Shepherds, descended from a pair of dogs bought by Lord Tweedmouth in 1858. By successive selection, keeping only the "golden" color puppies, he would have finally obtained dogs exclusively gilded.

Another story tells that the Golden Retriever was born from various crosses between breeds such as the Leonberger, the Chien de Saint-Hubert, and English spaniels that have since disappeared. The Flat-Coated Retriever, a close cousin of the Goldie characterized by its black coat, would also be part of its potential ancestors... The Golden Retriever that we know today has been recognized since 1931.

Character and behavior of the Golden Retriever

The Goldie is basically a hunting dog specialized in retrieving waterfowl, like the Labrador or the Newfoundland. For this reason, it is naturally attracted to water! He is a dog who really needs human company: he likes to make himself useful and participate in family activities. Thus, he is easy to educate because he loves to please his master and meet his expectations. The breed standard attributes many qualities to him: docile, intelligent, good at work, friendly, and sure of himself. A golden dog apparently! But beware, the Goldie needs regular physical exercise and access to outdoor space; failing that, in an apartment, it is crucial to take it out at least three times a day, if not four. Otherwise,

Take good care of your Goldie

On the maintenance side, the Golden Retriever requires above all a weekly brushing, absolutely necessary because of the thickness of its fur and especially the undercoat: by getting rid of dead hair, the dog's skin will be able to breathe better. In addition, brushing is a privileged moment with the master, where Goldie feels totally at the center of attention and it's good for his morale! Besides long walks, which we can't recommend enough, it's a great idea to take him swimming if you're lucky enough to have a lake or a river near you, or even better, the sea! You will see, that Goldie loves to frolic in the water and bring back sticks, balls, or frisbees, whether in the water or on dry land.

The Golden Retriever, a golden dog!

Feeding the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever, like the Labrador, is prone to overweight issues; special care must therefore be taken to offer him a diet adapted to his sex, age, lifestyle, and level of physical activity. We will recommend dry foods (kibbles) rather than mash, which is often too rich in bad fats. In contrast, white meat and rice can form the basis of good nutrition. The daily ration, to be fixed with your veterinarian, can be divided in two during the day, so that the dog is less tempted to beg at the table, for example, because he will have less time to wait between two meals! Indeed, Goldie is very greedy... Do not hesitate to offer him chewing bones or other treats, which will

Golden Retriever Health

The Golden Retriever is of robust constitution, but it is prone to certain skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema...) sometimes of allergic origin. It will then be necessary to find the cause with your veterinarian and to proscribe the foods concerned. Stress and loneliness can also cause this kind of disorder because Goldie is very close to his master and cannot bear to be separated from him for too long. The ears are also fragile and must be checked and washed regularly to avoid the risk of otitis or other complications: the first sign will be browning or reddening of the skin inside the ear. It will be necessary to clean with a suitable product or saline using a cotton ball, but never a cotton swab which could hurt it! Finally,

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