What you need to know before adopting a cat or kitten

  What you need to know before adopting a cat or kitten

What you need to know before adopting a cat or kitten

The decision to adopt a cat is not taken lightly. It's not a stuffed animal that will come into your life, but an animal with its own needs, expectations, and characteristics. Adopting a cat is a responsible act that must be well thought out. A cat can live up to 15 or even 20 years, it will have to have its place in its new family and for a long time. Here are the essential elements to consider before adopting a cat.
Have a home large enough to accommodate your cat
Before adopting a cat, have you thought about the place you will reserve for it in the house? A cat needs to have a place of its own. Your home must therefore be spacious enough to allow him to create a place just for him, outside of the places of passage. For the cat to feel comfortable in its new living environment, it is necessary to place its litter box in a quiet place, near its food supply, where it will not be disturbed too much.

Make sure you have the financial means to adopt a cat

Adopting and raising a cat necessarily involves expenses. These are estimated at around 60 euros per month on average, between visits to the veterinarian, the identification of his cat, the essential vaccines, or his diet. It is also necessary to plan the purchase of a basket, a cat tree, a scratching post, a bowl for kibble, another for water, toys adapted to cats, a litter, and litter that must be changed regularly because a cat appreciates clean places. On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that the cat is a hunter. He will need to scratch the sofa, the curtains, jump from one piece of furniture to another, and therefore he will most certainly have to consider having to buy furniture or accessories that the cat has damaged.

Plan to have time to devote to your little cat

Contrary to popular belief, a cat needs time to be spent playing with it, petting it, etc. Especially if he is adopted as a child, it is important to be able to stay with him for as long as possible during the first weeks following his arrival so that he does not feel alone in this environment that is unknown to him. So before adopting a cat, ask yourself the question of whether or not you can give your cat time.

During your holidays or your prolonged absences, you must be able to organize yourselves to have your cat looked after and, if possible, at your home, because a cat does not really appreciate leaving its home to find itself in a universe that it does not know, especially without his masters. So before adopting a cat, you have to be sure to be ready to organize your life, your time, according to your animal.

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