Dog and Cat a love story

Dog and Cat a love story

Dog and Cat a love story

Dog and Cat a love story

In the countryside and the beauty of nature and that's how the story begins:

Owners of 5 cats, we decided a few years ago to adopt a dog! We live in the countryside in a house with a garden and we realized that the place was ideal to make a dog happy.
None of our cats had lived with a dog, and we were quite worried about their reaction.

The choice is between a dog or a puppy

So we decided to adopt a puppy rather than an adult dog so that the cats would be less impressed and scared.
We contacted an animal protection association which very quickly came back to us to tell us that it was taking care of an unwanted litter of puppies. We chose our dog from among her brothers and sisters and picked her up when she was 2 and a half months old.

Dog and Cat a love story

Annoyed by the cat's reaction

I still vividly remember our doubts and anguish in the car when we were on the way home with the dog.
I also remember very well our predictions with my husband regarding the reaction of each of our cats to the female dog. All our predictions turned out to be wrong!
At the time, we had a 9-year-old cat who was calm and kind and who had adapted to other cats when he was adopted within 48 hours. Django was so easygoing that we had no doubts that he was going to love our little dog. Will, on the other hand, who was three years old at the time, and is a terrible hunter, who is always looking for problems among the siblings, worried us a lot.

When we arrived Will arrived with the hairs on his back on end and rushed at the dog as if he was going to attack her. We came in a little terrified. The next day Will came to lie down against the dog head to head.

Django, on the other hand, "hated" the dog. He never hurt her in the slightest, but we could quickly read the disdain in his eyes.
The 3 other more fearful ones turned out to be curious and suspicious, but within a few weeks, the dog was adopted by all the members of the family.

The relationship between Will and the dog grew steadily, and the two became inseparable. They sleep in the same basket, they lick each other, they cuddle ... and when we leave with the dog for the weekend, we can feel all the relief from our cat to find his dog and to see that she is fine.

Our Django, the one who didn't like the female dog, left us and a kitten landed at the house afterward. The female dog immediately adopted this new little cat and has been incubating her for three years already.
So we now have 2 beautiful love stories at home!

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