Little dog trapped in tar

 Little dog trapped in tar

Little dog trapped in tar

The little dog trapped in the tar continued to bark until someone heard him.

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The little dog is stuck calling for help

This little dog got stuck in the tar in Poland. It is not known how the dog got there, but thanks to his barking, help arrived

Workers in Poland heard a dog barking in the distance, from a remote wooded area, and they were worried. The animal kept barking as if asking for help.

So, they decided to pay attention to these screams that didn't seem normal to them and they followed the sound until they reached the place, they didn't imagine what they were going to find. A poor little dog was trapped in a puddle of tar unable to move, he desperately needed help.

The workers couldn't get the trapped dog out themselves, so they contacted Joanna Godlewska of the Niczyje Animal Foundation. She ran to the scene, not sure what to expect.

A small dog trapped in the tar barked until he was heard.

Joanna told The Dodo:

"When I finally got there and saw a dog lying on the tarmac, tears came to my eyes."

The dog is thought to have been abandoned and was probably seeking some warmth when he came across the tar that someone had illegally dumped, not realizing that lying on top of him would entrap him.

It's unclear how long the dog had been there, but it was clear he wouldn't have survived any longer. He seemed to lose hope.

Little dog trapped in tar

Rescue efforts combined and hope returned to the dog

Joanna immediately joined a team from the local fire department to help save the pup. As they worked, a ray of hope appeared in the eyes of the trapped pup
Joanna said:

“He understood that we were saving him.

Little dog trapped in tar

Rescuers carefully removed the pup from the tar, cutting off what else they could without hurting him and using cooking oil to loosen the rest.

with Perseverance, determination, and concerted efforts, They finally managed to get it out.

Then the dog they named Farcik was taken to a veterinary clinic to be treated and to have as much tar removed from his body as possible.

Luckily, other than a few superficial wounds on one side of his face, the dog turned out to be healthy.

Since then, Farcik has undergone several more cleansing sessions, and after each, his gentle spirit continues to grow.

Farcik was saved

Farcik was saved from more than the death trap he had found himself in. Now he would no longer be alone and without love.

Little dog trapped in tar

Farcik has yet to continue to recover, but he is surrounded by people who care about him and his future.

What led Farcik to that fatal tar test may never be known, but there's no doubt that this dog's willingness to live and alert the right people to his fate made all the difference.

We hope you soon find the loving home you deserve.

Little dog trapped in tar

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