The Rottweiler, a reputedly naughty dog

 The Rottweiler, a reputedly naughty dog

The Rottweiler, a reputedly naughty dog

Despite its reputation as a naughty dog, the Rottweiler is an excellent pet, loyal, faithful, intelligent, tender, and affectionate. He is also an outstanding guard dog, moreover, very dissuasive by his Molossian appearance.

It was nevertheless classified in the second category by the law relating to dangerous dogs: a minor or a convicted person cannot hold Rottweiler; the Rottweiler must be declared to the town hall of the owner's domicile; he must be vaccinated against rabies; it must be the subject of a specific declaration in terms of civil liability insurance; the Rottweiler must wear a collar, leash, and muzzle in public places. The master of a Rottweiler must present his dog to a veterinarian for a behavioral evaluation and, finally, he must follow a day of training on the knowledge of the Rottweiler.

Height:                       from 55 cm to 68 cm
Weight:                      42 to 50 kg
Hair:                            medium length
Color:                          black and tan
Life expectancy:     12 years
Gestation period:  60 to 63 days

Description and characteristics of the Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is recognizable by its imposing, powerful and muscular athletic body, endowed with a large head. Its nose and the bottom of its legs are tan-colored while the rest of its body is black. His coat is medium length, smooth, and hard to the touch. The Rottweiler has dark brown, almond-shaped eyes and triangular ears that hang down to the side of its head.

Origin of the Rottweiler

Originaire d’Allemagne, le Rottweiler tient son nom plus précisément de la ville de Rottweil. Il était avant tout utilisé par les nombreux bouchers installés dans cette ville comme chien de garde, de défense et de chien gardien de troupeaux, et était ainsi surnommé le « chien de boucher ». Comme toutes les races de molossoïdes, le Rottweiler descend du Mâtin tibétain. C’est un des chiens dont l’origine est la plus ancienne puisqu’on en trouve des traces à l’époque romaine. La race du Rottweiler a été reconnue officiellement en 1966 et en 1977 en France.

Character and behavior of the Rottweiler – Who is it for?

The Rottweiler is above all a guard dog, a role in which it excels. Endowed with great courage, he will do everything to best protect his master and his property. Its dominant character, which in particular means that it does not support the presence of other dogs, requires that the Rottweiler be educated from an early age and that its master be serious, energetic, and reliable. But the Rottweiler also needs a lot of gentleness and affection, otherwise, his aggressiveness will be stimulated. He is a dog who adores children and who feels good in a family that makes itself available to him.

The Rottweiler, a reputedly naughty dog

How to take care of your Rottweiler: its needs

The Rottweiler is a dog that needs plenty of exercise and long daily outings. He loves sports and loves swimming. It thrives in places with large spaces and cannot stand being locked up or tied up. It is necessary to avoid exposing the Rottweiler to strong heat which he fears a lot.

Rottweiler food

The Rottweiler's diet must be rich to ensure the proper development of its bones and muscles. It is advisable to present him with 2 meals a day, in the morning and in the evening, and to reserve a quiet place for him where he will be alone for his meals.

Rottweiler Health

The Rottweiler is a robust dog that does not present any particular health problems. However, it can be affected, like all large and medium-sized dogs, by hip dysplasia.

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