The Savannah a cat descended from the cheetah

 The Savannah 

a cat descended from the cheetah

The Savannah is a breed of cat that appeared recently. This cat is recognizable by its feline appearance from which it is descended. Despite its wild origins, the Savannah is an affectionate and very sociable cat, well suited to life in an apartment or house.

  • Height: 40 to 45 cm
  • Weight: between 7 and 14 kg
  • Hair: short, rough on the surface, soft and thick on the undercoat
  • Color: fawn spotted with black
  • Life expectancy: 13 to 20 years
  • Gestation period: 2.5 months

Description and characteristics of the Savannah

The Savannah is recognizable by its large size and elegance. This breed also holds the world record for size for a domestic cat. He looks like an athletic wild cat with his slender, muscular body, strong bone and long legs. Its coat is very characteristic: it goes from fawn to orange in color with black spots all over its body. The Savannah has large ears set high on its head which is small in proportion to its body. Its oval eyes are either yellow, green, gold or amber.

Origin of the Savannah

The Savannah is the result of a cross between a domestic breed cat (Bengal cat) and a serval, a feline from the South African savannah of the cheetah family. This breed is recent since it was created in 1986 in the United States and recognized as a domestic cat breed by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1990, then in the "new breeds" category by the Official Book of Feline Origins (LOOF) in 2007. The Savannah is considered a domestic cat from the third generation.

The Savannah a cat descended from the cheetah

Character and behavior of the Savannah – Who is it for?

The Savannah is a friendly, affectionate, sociable and smart cat, easy to train. He is a cat very attached to his master, especially if he has received special attention since he was little. He particularly appreciates the presence of children and does not pose any particular problems with the other animals in the home, especially the dogs with whom he likes to play.

The Savannah is bursting with energy. He is playful, curious and turbulent. He communicates a lot with his masters by loud, hoarse cries that sound like clucks. Other peculiarities: the Savannah loves water and plays in household sinks and tubs; it is also a hypoallergenic cat: it does not cause respiratory or skin allergies and is therefore recommended for people sensitive to these diseases.

How to take care of your Savannah: its needs

The Savannah is a large and energetic cat. It is preferable to have instead a large housing to accommodate it where it can easily jump and climb. A cat tree is essential for him to be able to exert himself and prevent him from damaging the furniture and the curtains.

His hunting instinct remains strong and he does not hesitate to run away from home to follow prey if a door or window is left open.

Its short coat does not require careful maintenance. Weekly brushing is sufficient. In addition, since this cat loves water, you can wash it easily. On the other hand, the Savannah fears the cold.

The Savannah a cat descended from the cheetah

The Savannah Diet

Very energetic, the Savannah must be able to compensate for its calorie losses with a balanced diet of proteins and fats to maintain its muscles in particular. He does not like junk food very much and prefers fresh foods such as chicken or beef.

The health of the Savannah

As with all cats, the Savannah should be vaccinated regularly, undergo parasite control, and have annual checkups. It is a cat to watch closely when he is sick because he becomes dehydrated and loses weight quickly.


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