The Chihuahua or Chiwawa Smallest breed in dogs

 The Chihuahua or Chiwawa, Smallest breed in dogs

The Chihuahua or Chiwawa, Smallest breed in dogs

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From the order of Canidae, the Chihuahua or Chiwawa is the smallest dog in the world. Lively and intelligent, he is very attached to his master. To the point that he manifests himself noisily by inopportune barking when a stranger approaches him or his master. The Chihuahua has the advantage of being able to be taken anywhere without taking up space.

  • Height: between 16 cm and 20 cm
  • Weight: between 0.85 kg and 3.50 kg
  • Hair: short or long depending on the variety
  • Color: all but most often brown, fawn, beige or chocolate
  • Life expectancy: 13 years
  • Gestation period: 60 to 65 days

Description and characteristics of the Chihuahua

It is first of all by its very small size that we recognize a Chihuahua. Its body is compact and muscular with a small apple-shaped head and erect ears. The Chihuahua has very expressive large eyes. Depending on the type to which it belongs, it can have short shiny and soft hair or long fine and silky hair. The Chihuahua is most often white, black, cream or even tan.

Origin of the Chihuahua

The Chihuahua originates from northern Mexico, where it also bears the name of the largest state. It is part of one of the oldest dog breeds: we find its trace already at the time of the Toltec civilization, then, among the Aztecs, who considered it a divinity, it embodied happiness in the house. The Chihuahua was integrated into Europe only at the end of the 18th century.

Character and behavior of the Chihuahua – Who is it for?

Behind its appearance of a small plush, the Chihuahua has a strong character and, despite its small size, it does not hesitate to compete with dogs larger than it and to take on its role as watchdog. He is also very dynamic and very playful. With a calm master, like an elderly person, the Chihuahua knows how to be gentle and docile and he is the ideal companion dog. He shows great affection towards his master to whom he is very attached. Lively and intelligent, the Chihuahua does not appreciate being bothered. The presence of children who want to play with him like a stuffed animal can cause behavior problems in the Chihuahua. Given that he does not need great physical activity, he can easily adapt to living in an apartment.

How to take care of your Chihuahua: its needs

Due to its small size, the Chihuahua, especially the short-haired one, fears the cold. Do not hesitate to cover it with a coat in case of low temperatures. He is a very clean dog who naturally grooms himself every day. It is advisable to brush his coat regularly and, for long-haired Chihuahuas, to complete this brushing with a fine comb to avoid knots.

The diet of the short-haired or long-haired Chihuahua

The Chihuahua needs a diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Good quality croquettes are enough to provide all these elements. However, be careful not to overfeed it. The Chihuahua tends to become obese easily, especially if he does not have a lot of physical activity. Water is an essential element of his diet, he must always have a filled bowl within reach.

Chihuahua health

Although small, the Chihuahua is quite a sturdy dog. However, it is predisposed to certain health problems. His dentition, for example, is sensitive to lesions due to tartar, hence the need to monitor his teeth and brush them regularly. In the same way, it is sensitive eyes which are easily irritated. Patella luxation is also a common condition in Chihuahuas. In this case, these small bones usually require surgical treatment.

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