The instinct of bees - Animals instincts

 The instinct of bees - Animals instincts 

The instinct of bees - Animals instincts

Bees work by inspiration from the nature deposited with them by the Creator. It is a color of revelation according to which they work, and they work with an amazing accuracy that the thinking mind is unable to match, whether in building their cells, or in the division of labor between them, or in the way they secrete filtered honey.

They take their homes according to their nature in the mountains and trees, and they do not erect, that is, what they raise from the vineyards and others. God has subjugated her the ways of life with what was deposited in her nature and in the nature of the universe around her, and the text that honey has healing for people was explained by some specialists in medicine as a technical explanation, and it is fixed by the mere text of the Qur’an on it. Thus, a Muslim must believe based on the established truth in the Book of God, as it was reported on the authority of the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him.

Close cooperation 

The bee is an insect of the order Hyménoptères of the bee family, to which the bee family is attributed, bred to obtain its honey and wax, and bees are one of them. It falls on roses and flowers, so it preserves its nectar for pleasure, and utters it as a drink in which there is healing for people. Perhaps the bee was called a wasp. People have taken honey from bees as their food for thousands of years. They found honey and used it in their food long before they knew sugar.

Honey bees

The instinct of bees - Animals instincts

bees  live in large groups and the number of members per hive may reach seventy-five thousand. Some bees perform a certain performance while others perform various other tasks, and they all work in close cooperation. In each hive there is a queen of bees whose function is to lay eggs, and some members of the hive are male, but most of the bees in the hive are the worker, and the worker bee is sterile females who do not lay eggs, that is, they do not give birth to young.

Among the jobs of the worker bee:

collecting nectar from which honey is made, as well as collecting pollen, which serves as a good food for bees, and also transferring pollen from one flower to another, helping to form seeds. Some workers build nest discs from wax extracted from their bodies, while others serve the queen. Among the preoccupations is also what is dédicacé to feeding young bees, inclurions what is dedicated to the ventilation of the hive, and other than this and that are allocated for cleaning operations, while other groups guard the hive and bite any enemy approaching it.

Bee houses

In the noble verse, there is a reference to the dwellings of bees and their different types. There are wild species of bees that inhabit the mountains, and some of them are subspecies that take shelter from the trees by taking refuge in the parts of the tree from the holes in the tree trunks and leaves . Containers made of clay or wood, and entomologists have found that bees perform this behavior innately, that is, not as a result of acquired .

Bee architect

Among the signs of the Creator’s inspiration for bees is that they take the hexagonal shape as a basis for building their dwelling from the wax material they produce. In addition to the fact that this "hexagonal" geometric shape is fully prepared to perform the previous functions, the hexagonal shape of the eye requires the least amount of structural material "wax", and the hexagonal shape is the best geometric shapes that do not result in interstitial spaces, and that the number of eyes of them in an area certain It is greater than the number of other shapes in the same space, because the hexagon is the only shape that if each one of them is combined into its likes, there will be no gap between them. We find that when the honey bee fills the hexagonal eye with honey, it covers it with a cover of pure wax so that the honey does not absorb moisture or any odors. And when the eyes contain its bosom, the bee covers it with a permeable covering composed of wax and pollen that allows air and oxygen to pass into those holes inside the closed eye. What kind of honey differs in that, so who taught bees the origins of this art of engineering and architecture?

Bees Building Wax Nests - Video

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