The instinct of the lizard - Animals instincts

The instinct of the lizard - Animals instincts

lizard is a cold-blooded reptile called Ghaith, with a length of one meter and even more than three meters in some species, living in almost all countries of the world, depending on its type. lizard  is a genus belonging to the kingdom (animals), of the phylum (Chordates), under the phylum (vertebrates). From the phylum Reptiles, from the order Squamousidae, from the order Lizards (lizards), and from the family Orliaceae.

Lizard Food

The lizard is a carnivorous animal, and it is very diverse in food. It devours insects, snails, small worms, mice, reptiles, rodents, fish, and young eggs. The environment includes carrion, insects, scorpions, rodents and snakes.

Physical traits

Is a fixed color lizard. Each lizard  has a color that suits its environment and protects it from enemies, such as crocodiles and eagles; The desert valorl resembles the color of sand and indigo is greenish-black, and the Argentine tegu is black that lives in crops, and all species have a fissured tongue like the tongue of snakes, which smells are recognized through a special organ called Jacobson's organ.

Lizard's defense on himself

The  lizard has very sharp claws that help it tear apart its large prey, which it is unable to swallow in one go, and it also uses its tail to strike and drive away enemies. Some zoologists believe that lizard  in his defense of his life may be more dangerous than a crocodile of his size.

Lizard proliferation

The mating process of the lizard begins at the end of the winter season and the beginning of the spring, in what comes a lot of information related to the reproduction of the lizard : 
  • Depending on the species, the female lizard  lays between 7-50 eggs. The female buries it and warms it underground or puts it in the crevices of trees. The eggs remain in the incubation period for a certain period of time. The average lifes pan of a werewolf is about 15 years in the wild.

The lizard sleep

The lizard is one of the active animals that are highly mobile during the day, with the exception of some species, as it usually sleeps at night on the branches, or dives into the water in the summer and in high temperatures, while it resorts to burrows during the winter and in low temperatures.

The lizard adaptation methods

In the following are several physical characteristics that contribute to the adaptation of the lore to its surroundings: 
  • The lizard has a forked tongue that it uses to smell, while its sense of smell is strong, through which it is possible to know whether the snakes close to it are poisonous or not, in addition to distinguishing the sex of other url animals, and knowing whether they are female or male through it. 
  • The lizard has a strong sense of sight that enables it to identify the presence of animals that threaten its life, even if they are at high altitudes. 
  • The tail helps the lizard  to orient itself during movement, as well as use it when it senses danger for self-defense. The lizard  uses the claws on its five fingers and the sharp teeth in its jaws to catch prey.

Lizard behavior

Here are some of the behaviors and characteristics of the lizard: 
  • The lizard travels by swimming and walking. lizards animals communicate through visual cues. 
  • The lizard recognizes its surroundings through its visual and auditory senses, as well as its sense of smell and touch. lizards animals are characterized by intelligence compared to various types of lizards and some types of reptiles.

The strangest facts about lizard

Here are some of the strangest information about the lizard: 
  • lizards work together to be able to steal eggs; One of them distracts the mother so that the other can raid the nests.
  • The metabolic rates of the lizard are high, unlike their cold-blooded counterparts, and some of them burn calories similar to mammals. Laurel can run and breathe at the same time, unlike many types of lizards. 
  • The mule is the only type of lizard that does not grow back if its tail is cut off.

Watch the confrontation between a lizard and a rattlesnake - Video

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