How to prepare your dog for the birth of a puppy?

 How to prepare your dog for the birth of a puppy?

Before giving birth, it is important to gradually prepare your dog for the arrival of a puppy in the home. Indeed, it is necessary to change his habits before birth to avoid causing too much upheaval in your little companion when the puppy is present. By taking action before the return from maternity, in particular by correcting your doggie's bad habits, you will also avoid a lot of stress afterwards and you will help your dog to better support the presence of this new member of the family in his daily life. .

Get your dog used to getting less attention
Throughout your pregnancy, and especially in the final months, give your pooch a little less time and attention. It is not a question of leaving it aside or not taking care of it anymore, but of gradually accustoming it to having less time in your company and supporting new time habits, especially in the evening when your puppy will be older. likely to need you very much.

  • This precaution will help your dog cope better with the fact that you have to give him less time to take care of your puppy once born.

Access to puppy’s room

It's up to you whether you want to allow your dog to go into the puppy's room or not. Both schools argue their point of view on the subject. In any case, decide beforehand and establish the rule before birth to prevent your dog from being confronted with too much novelty at once.

Prohibiting her access to the puppy's room must be put in place early enough in pregnancy to allow her to get into the habit of it before birth. Nevertheless, it is better to teach him not to go there by saying "no" to him rather than by barring the door, because he will go there for sure if you ever forget to close it behind you.
Giving him access to the puppy's room is one possibility, but make sure he never goes there in your absence. In addition, he must not leave the room with a puppy's toy or stuffed animal.
The same goes with the sofa. Make your choice in advance to allow or not your doggie to settle there with you when your puppy is in your arms. It is important to regulate access to it beforehand so that it settles there as soon as you only allow it or to prohibit it completely, but sufficiently before birth for your dog to support it. Note that you can allow your dog, when he is calm, to sit by your side when you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your puppy, which will allow him to share a pleasant moment in your company, very gently.

How to prepare your dog for the birth of a puppy?

Socialize your dog

Make sure that your dog is properly socialized and that he tolerates the presence of puppys, especially babies. Indeed, the little ones can be noisy, restless and clumsy in their gestures. It is important that your animal is prepared for it. When he isstroked or touched by young puppys around you, do not hesitate to reward him with a treat or by another means that he likes to allow him to associate this contact with a positive event.

Work on obedience

It is important to ensure that you teach your dog certain basic commands and reinforce his obedience, especially if he tends to listen to you little. He must be able to go into his basket when you ask him to, not move when you demand him to, etc. These simple little orders to put in place will be invaluable to you when your puppy is born.

Teach your dog to temper his dynamism

If you have a very dynamic, even hyperactive, fidgety pooch who tends to jump around, pay attention to it and teach him to control his behavior. Indeed, a dog that is agitated in all directions because he is excited can knock your puppy over without wanting to or even jump on him and hurt him while trying to get your attention.

  • Do not hesitate to turn your back on him to ignore him in this case. Your little companion will understand that he must stop this behavior.

Maintain certain habits

There is no denying that your dog will still need you after the puppy is born. In particular, he must always have at least 30 minutes a day to spend outside, outside the garden. Do not hesitate to modify the schedule of this outing beforehand so that it is compatible with the care you will provide to your newborn, but do not take away this essential need.

Give him his pest control

Take certain hygiene measures before the puppy is born. Consult your veterinarian for a small health check and administer your doggie his dewormer as well as an antiparas.

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