Learn about cat breeds Isabelle

 Learn about cat breeds Isabelle

Learn about cat breeds Isabelle

The cat Isabelle: who is he? Is it a separate breed?

The Isabelle cat is not a breed of cat in its own right, but this term designates a tomcat whose coat is made up of three colors: white, red and black. If this dress is appreciated and sometimes sought after, it is actually a genetic anomaly that causes it. Thus, it is not possible to request an isabelle cat from a breeder, because any purebred or alley cat can be affected by this genetic anomaly and present an isabelle coat. This peculiarity is therefore impossible to predict or even suspect depending on the coat colors of the two parents. Moreover, there are no two identical isabelle cats, because their dress is unique. The appearance of the Isabelle dress is linked to a fascinating genetic anomaly that has been the subject of many very serious scientific studies. It would seem that the genetic code for the black or orange coat is only found in the X chromosome. Remember that the female has XX chromosomes and the male has XY chromosomes. The consequence of this genetic anomaly is that 99.9% of Isabella cats are female. Indeed, this is explained by the fact that the black color and the orange color of the coat are only found in the X chromosome, which the female has twice; she can therefore have the genes for a black dress and an orange dress at the same time. In contrast, the male has only one X chromosome, so he can only be black or orange, not both at the same time. It should be notedthat the white color of the coat is expressed independently of the sex of the cat. It manifests itself randomly, which is why a cat can present an orange and black coat by the X chromosomes while white appears, which gives it an isabelle coat.

Isabelle cat and calico cat

The Isabelle cat owes its name to Queen Isabella of Castile. Legend has it that the Queen of Spain refused to change her dress until the city of Granada fell into the hands of her soldiers. The fact ofhaving kept his royal dress for so long and of having traveled to the various military camps wearing it have tinted his beautiful toilet in black, red and white. It is in homage to this sovereign that the Isabelle cats bear her name.
There are nevertheless males with an Isabella coat, but these are extremely rare and this phenomenon is explained by a chromosomal anomaly. The male cat then has three chromosomes (XXY) instead of two (XY). Thepresence of two X chromosomes can trigger both a black and orange coat and the presence of white can give it a tricolor coat. Unfortunately, this anomaly, also called Klinefelter syndrome, is a form of trisomy that occurs during fertilization. These male cats are infertile and have a short life expectancy due to the many health issues they encounter. An Isabelle cat has three colors. When the three colors of black, red and white form spots, it is called a calico cat. Not to be confused with tortoiseshell cats, only ginger and black, which are affected by another form of chromosomal abnormality.

What is the character of the Isabelle cat?

It is difficult to assume that the color of the coat has a real influence on the character of acat. However, some studies seem to show that Isabelle females are very maternal and that these cats tend to get irritated more quickly than others. Nevertheless, most feline spécialises believe that this heightened sensitivity is not specific to Isabella cats and that it does not characterize them all. 
Each cat develops its character and adapts its behavior to its environment. If the majority of isabelle cats have short or medium-long coats, there are some with long and thick fur. Either way, these felines are gorgeous and just as adorable as the rest.

  • In Japan, the tricolor cat is a famous lucky animal, the Maneki Neko. It is said that it would bring luck to its master and that it would bring him fortune. True or not, the Isabelle cat is very popular in Asia where it always evokes happy omens.

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