The Doberman - a canine breed that strong and muscular

 The Doberman - a canine breed that strong and muscular

The Doberman - a canine breed that strong and muscular

The Doberman is a powerful-looking dog that earned him the reputation, fortunately less popular today, of being an aggressive and ferocious dog. He is, nonetheless, calm, faithful, affectionate, and quite protective. In short, the Doberman is a wonderful pet.

  • Size: 63 cm to 72 cm
  • Weight: 32 kg to 45 kg
  • Hair: short
  • Colour: black and tan or brown and tan
  • Life expectancy: 12 years
  • Gestation period: 63 days

Description and characteristics of the Doberman

The Doberman Pinscher is a medium-sized dog with a strong build and a very muscular body. He is well planted on his legs, giving him a proud appearance and very elegant lines. Its head is elongated with a broad muzzle and powerful jaws. The Doberman's ears are carried high on his head and hang down along his cheeks. Its very short tail is attached high. The Doberman is an athletic dog that excels in sporting activities.

Character and behavior of the Doberman – Who is it for?

The Doberman has long had the reputation of being a ferocious dog, a reputation which today has diminished. Even if the Doberman is a very good guard dog because of its strong protective instinct and its strong character, it is very gentle, especially with children. The Doberman is highly intelligent, energetic and unfailingly loyal to its adoptive family. He hates loneliness. The Doberman is an emotional dog who requires a calm and fair master. Athletic, this dog is ideal for sporting masters.

Origin of the Doberman

The Doberman was born in 1860 in Germany. It was produced by its master, a tax collector, who wanted to acquire a dog to protect and defend as part of his professional duties. The Doberman was bred from a variety of dogs with strong personalities, most notably Pinscher, Rotweiller, Beauceron, and Thuringian Shepherd crosses. The Doberman was used to guard herds of animals and also as a police dog.

The Doberman - a canine breed that strong and muscular

How to care for your Doberman: his requirements

The Doberman fears cold and humidity and needs human company. In this regard, the Doberman is more of an apartment dog. But the Doberman needs to exert himself physically very regularly (hiking, jogging, etc.). On the character side, the Doberman must be educated firmly but gently from an early age to teach him to master his natural distrust of strangers.He is also a dog who dislikes being in tense circumstances.

  • The short and smooth coat of the Doberman does not require any particular maintenance.

Doberman food

As with all dogs, the Doberman's diet depends on its age, weight and physical activity. Anyway the Doberman likes to take his meals in a quiet place, isolated from his masters. Water is very important to his balance, he must always have it within reach.

The Doberman - a canine breed that strong and muscular

The health of the Doberman

Apart from possible heart problems to watch out for, the Doberman is a robust dog that does not pose any particular health problems.


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